The Camera Cabin

One on of my random panorama hikes (or whatever you call it) I came across an odd little cabin wedged in between a couple of (active) industrial buildings. The cabin seemed to have been abandoned for quite some time but I couldn’t figure out what the hell it had been used for. The floor of the entrance was covered by camera-lences for small compact cameras and the entire cabin seemed like a strange and secretive studio of some sort.

The walls had been torned down and remounted. Floor mats and random carpeting had been bolted to the walls to cover everything from windows to doorways. In my dark visions I could easily imagine this into being a place for shooting snuff-films… but the truth is probably a lot less interesting. Either way, the camera lences on the floor caught my attention and made this a panorama that I really wanted to publish, even though the final product didn’t turn out as good as I hoped it to be (I put a lot of hours into working passed the problems of multiple exposures but after a while you just have to let it go).

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