Klockbacka Rehab Unit | Video

This little urban exploration took place at Klockbacka (Upplands Väsby, Sweden). From what I understand this was some kind of childrens rehabilitations unit, mainly used for kids with mental problems (I’m not entirely sure exactly what this particular building was used for but most of the buildings in this particular area seem to have had some kind of history relating to the rehabilitation of kids with mental problems – if anyone has more info about this house in particular, feel free to comment about it).

I climbed in through a hole in one of the wooden boards that had been put up to seal off the windows. The first two floors were pitch black so I had to light my way with nothing but the camera flash going off every now and then (I wasn’t to experienced back then and I didn’t bring a flashlight with me). There was all kind of stuff still left behind and from the looks of it, the building had become more of storage facility in the later years. After climbing up the stairs to the third floor there were no more boards on the windows and the early daylight came in through the broken windows. Then all of the sudden a pidgeon scared the living crap out of me.

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