The Beekeepers House | Bathroom

The house a surprising amount of nooks and crannies and it seems like everywhere I turn there’s a doornob hiding yet another piece of history. One of my favourite rooms turns out to be the homes only bathroom. The bathroom cabinet has a set of old bandaids stuck to the interior wall but apart from this and the odd green plunger on the sink I can’t see to many artefacts left behind. The only source of light is a small set of windows but the yellow wallpapers shine like a hidden treasure as I try to figure out what camera setting to use to bring it all out as good as I can.

The Beekeepers House | Interior 3

The clock on the wall has stopped at ten minutes to six and somehow it’s not entirely inapropriate. As I move through the debris of this unknown life left behind the thought of time traveling drifts through my mind like a ghost from the past. Because that’s the way I see it all. It’s like time just stopped one day and no one bothered to fix it. In the nearby closet I find an old fur coat which was probably a highly respected piece of clothing in it’s day… yet now, nothing more than a dark shadow in an even darker closet and I move on through the poorly lit doorways.

The Beekeepers House | Kitchen

The kitchen is just as big of a mess as all the other rooms and I stop for a moment to wonder if the old man kept the place neat and tidy when he was still around. It’s not hard to see that the former resident was something of a handyman as I constantly come across inovative solutions and random inventions and I find myself more and more curious about this little known former resident.

The Beekeepers House | Interior 1

Inside most of the rooms I come across old jars of honey and Marcus tells me that the old man was apperantly a beekeeper. The place is a total mess but there is so much stuff that it would take several weeks just to grasp it all. I mean everything just remains. There are books, scraps of paper, old watches, shopping lists and personal notes just dropped on the floor and I tip toe around like a kid on christmas morning. From the looks of it, I’m guessing this room might have been the main bedroom. This is obviously just an assumption but it’s the only room that comes with a dark pull-down curtain.

The Beekeepers House | Exterior 2

After passing the old car, a red little house appears behind the overgrown bushes. Marcus tells me that the owner was an old man and something of a loner by the looks of it. When the old man passed away his relatives simply came by for the the most important stuff and left the rest as it was. It’s the first time that I come across such an untouched place of decay and I’m surprised at the size of what is essentially nothing less than a small farm. There are additional cellers and a barn a few steps away but everything is completely stuffed with personal belongings dating back to as early as the 1950s.

The Beekeepers House | Exterior 1

I’m in the middle of the woods yet still no more than a 5 minute walk from common suburbia. My friend Marcus tipped me off about the location but apart from the two of us, it seems like no one has come to visit this place for ages. The grassy road comes to and right next to an abandoned car and all of the sudden I get a slight sense of despair rushing through me. It’s hard to explain but there’s something very sad about watching something so old and forgotten. Left for dead. Never to be noticed again.

Tollare | Video

Here’s a video shot quite a while back. This is a very old paper mill dating back to as early as 1922. The mill closed down in 1964 and after that it’s been left to decay. During an environmental investigation it was declared that the area was one of the most contaminated places in the county of Stockholm.